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Solar Combiner Box -
Compact, set up in 4 mins is possible. Handles up to 32kW, fits to home and commercial systems. Can be used as string combiners of MW plant. Weather friendly, for both outdoor and Indoor. Conform to:
- IEC62109-1:2010, AS/NZS 3100:2009+A1, and UL1741
- NEMA 4X water-resistant, anti-corrossion

太陽能匯流盒 -
匯流盒的設計精簡易於安 裝,可用於32kW以下太陽能系統;也適合MW級電場,當串列匯流箱用。防潑水、阻燃、防腐蝕、抗紫外光。

Inline Blocking Diode -
Contains 25A industrial diode inside Aluminum enclosure to gain better heat dissipation, it downsizes enclosure (combiner) dimension due to move blocking diodes out of enclosures.

防逆流二極體 -
外掛串聯式, 內採25A二極體, 直接鎖固在鋁壓鑄殼, 提供最好的散熱能力. 將防逆流二極體從傳統的直流箱移出, 能大幅降低直流箱體積.

Solar Power Bank for Home (solar Storage) -
It equips all necessary devices into a metal cabinet to gain the simplicity of usage for home users. Devices like 2kW solar MPPT charge controller, utility charger, 2kW inverter and 2.56 or 5.12 kWh LiFePO4 battery with BMS are all in, except solar modules. 

太陽能儲能櫃 -
除太陽能板外,內含所有必要設備以增加使用方便 性;如2kW太陽 能充電器、市電充電、2kW逆 變器,及2.56 or 5.12度磷酸鋰鐵電池均已內含.