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Can Solar Inc. will display Solar Power Bank for Home at Jakarta Solartech Expo. Please check out Event Fact for details.  亞太集能將在印尼雅加達國際會展中心(JIExpo)展出太陽能儲能櫃。詳情請看 Event Fact

Can Solar Inc. has promoting 3kWh Solar Power Bank for Home, which put all necessary devices into a metal cabinet to gain the simplicity of usage for home users. Devices like solar MPPT charge controller, utility charger, inverter and LiFePO4 battery are all in, except solar modules.

There's second model, included devices same as above but battey. Smaller size specially fit for countries who request to apply Lead-Acid battery producing locally or prefer a smaller size to save freight cost.

Please contact us for detail. +886 (2) 2695-0081 or drop a message to or check page of Products > Solar Power Bank for more information.

    亞太集能近期推出3度電 鋰鐵電池太陽能儲能櫃。這款儲能櫃集必要零件於箱體中,提高使用簡便性. 諸如太陽能充電控制器、市電充電器、逆變器、鋰鐵電池等,都包刮其中 (除了太陽能板)。


歡迎來電詢問詳情 02-26950081,  給我們寫個短信 或 前往 Products > Solar Power Bank for Home 頁面更進一步瞭解規格。