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Can Solar Inc. has established in year 2012, focus on innovative products for solar installations, such as the world unique Solar Combiner Boxes, Solar inline Blocking Diode. In year 2017 we extend our step into solar
storage system, specially on off-grid one for remote area and utility unstable area. To summarize, Can Solar Inc. provides below services:


- Solar Power Bank for Home (solar storage system)
  All-in-one machine which included:
  2 kW solar port,
  40A solar MPPT charger,
  2kW off-grid inverter, and
  2.56kWh or 5.12kWh LiFePo4 battery banks.
  Users to connect solar panels then AC power is ready. Very simple and easy for installation and using.

- Solar Combiner Boxes (solar DC combiner)
  To combine two solar strings into one output, to solar inverter.
  IP65 water resistant
  UL94V-0 flame-proof
  NEMA 4X anti-corrosion
  UV resistant
  each port can carry up to 1,000V 16A

- Solar inline Blocking Diode
  IP67 water resistant
  UL94V-0 flame-proof
  Aluminum cast enclosure to support excellent heat dispassion

- Solar Installation and consult
  We offer design for solar system and solar Parking Shed.
- 太陽能儲能櫃
一體機,已內含2kW太陽能接入埠、40A太陽能充電器、220V離網型逆變器、2.56 or 5.12度磷酸鋰鐵電池。使用者僅需將太陽能電池板連接到本儲能櫃太陽能接入埠,就能享受220V電力輸出。

-  兩入一出太陽能匯流盒
節省人力、簡易安裝, IP65 / NEMA 4X,抗紫外光、防腐蝕,每路輸入可達1,000V 16A。室外/室內使用皆宜。

- 太陽能防逆流二極體
使用鋁壓鑄外殼排熱功能良好,適用於1000V直流電壓 10A連續電流的太陽能串列。在日本及中國任何大型太陽能電廠均使用防逆流二極體。
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- 太陽能系統安裝和建議
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The founder gave speech on the innovation exchange stage for combiners, InterSolar Munich 2012

Da-Hu office
office in  Da-Hu Science Park
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