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Brief introduction:
摘 要
To simplify the setting up of a solar storage system for home user, our Solar Power Bank for Home equips all necessary devices into a metal cabinet except solar modules. Devices such as 2kW solar MPPT charge controller, utility bypass function, 2kW inverter and 2.5 kWh LiFePO4 battery with BMS are all included.
為讓居家使用者的方便安裝和使用, 本太陽能儲能櫃將所有必要設備, 諸如2kW太陽 能充電器、市電旁路功能、2kW離網型逆 變器, 以及2.56 5.12度電磷酸鋰鐵電池均已內含. (太陽能板除外).

Model Name: PB-2kW2.5kWh or PB-2kW5.12kWh

Features: 特色
- Easy installing, easy using
- Connecting solar source then 220Vac power is ready.
- all devices are included and pre-wired.
- Long battery life
2.56 kWh LiFePO4 battery with BMS, long life to LeadAcid one. option, one more battery in shunt.. 
- Solar port ready
connected the solar connectors to external solar strings directly.
- Utility charger ready
40A utility charger is equipped. Auto switch to utility power when low battery.

- 安裝容易、使用方便
- 連接外部太陽能串列, 即刻享用 220V交流電.
- 儲能櫃內已配置並連接好所有必要裝置.
- 電池壽命長
2.5度電磷酸鋰鐵電池(含電池管理系統), 壽命比鉛酸電池長. 選項: 可另並聯一個2.5度電電池.. 
- 太陽能接口備便
- 含市電充電功能
內含40A市電充電功能, 當電池用盡時市電自動備援.

Specification: 規 格

Solar PV input 2kW - 8 pcs of PV modules.
Solar string type maximum two pcs of solar modules in series as a string;
two string in shunt as an array by branch connectors.
each solar array connects to a solar port of storage box.
Solar charger 2kW MPPT charger; 40A max.
Inverter off-grid type, 2kW continuous, 220V/230V 50Hz / 60Hz
Battery LiFePO4, 51.2V 50Ah (2.56 kWh)
Battery charge/discharge current 40A maximum
Protection IP54, Over/Low Voltage, Over/Low Temperature, Short current
Operation Humidity 4% to 90%
Operation temperature +5 to +40 deg. Celcious
Housing Painted sheet steel
Cooling Fan, on/off controlled by temperature sensor
Body dimension 91H x 61W x 36D cm
New weight TBC

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System Diagram ( 系統圖 )

Installations ( 實施例 )

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