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Brief introduction:
This inline blocking diode assembly which contains 1,500V 25A industrial diode inside Aluminum enclosure, the diode sit on bottom surface of the enclosure directly to gain better heat dissipation. It downsizes enclosure (combiner) dimension due to blocking diodes are moved out of enclosure (combiner).

Model Name:
DNNM15-4M0 ( Blocking Diode assembly without solar connectors )
DFMM15-4M0 ( Blocking Diode assembly with solar connectors pre-crimpted )

- Rated voltage: 1,000Vdc
- Max. rated current: Diode 25A, device 10A
- Body dimenssion: 63(L) x 42(W )x 22(H) mm
- Cable length: 12.5cm on each lead ( 4.0 )
- Heat dissipation: via aluminum enclosure to solar rack
- Body temperature @ 29 deg. C ambient temperature
in air: 70.4 deg. C
on solar rack: 52.4 deg. C
- Hi-voltage test: 3,200 Vdc, pass
- Salt spray test: 100 hours, pass
- Safety test: n/a, no correspondent standard


DNNM15-4M0 ( 兩端無太陽能連接器 )
DFMM15-4M0 ( 兩端有太陽能連接器 )

- 額定電壓:1,000Vdc
- 最大電流: 二極體 25A, 整體 10A
- 本體尺寸:63(長) x 42(寬) x 22 (高) mm
- 兩端線長:各12.5 公分 (4平方)
- 散熱方式:熱源透過鋁 殼導熱至空氣或太陽能 鋁支架
- 本體溫度:70.4度C(懸置於空氣中); 52.4度C(鎖固於鋁支架上) - 環溫29度C
- 測試:高壓測試3,200Vdc Pass, 鹽霧測試100小時 Pass
- 安規認證:無相應規範


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download heat testing report.(下載20A溫度測試報告)
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Drawing 圖樣:

download spec.(下載尺寸圖面)
   download brochure   下載DM
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Deployment pictures ( 案場照片集 )


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